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Our approach

As a leading provider of hearing solutions, Sonova has both a duty to act responsibly and an ability to make a positive impact on society. Our sustainability program aligns closely with our business strategy; its topics are reviewed both at the highest management level and regularly at meetings of the Board of Directors.

Sonova CR

"At Sonova, we are committed to creating sustainable value for our customers, our employees, our business partners, and the environment. Delivering on these commitments means fostering innovation and working together in teams around the globe, across our brands and business units, and in close cooperation with our stakeholders. Conducting our business responsibly allows us to grow sustainably and confidently into the future."

 Arnd Kaldowski, CEO

Corporate responsibility landscape

Our vision - the "why"

Our company's vision is the motivation for our actions and provides the basis for our sustainability program. Over 15% of the world’s adults experience some degree of hearing loss, but very few are treated for it. At Sonova, our vision is straightforward: We foster a world in which all people equally enjoy the delight of hearing and live a life without limitations.

Our values - the "how"

Our corporate values describe how we interact with each other and how we do business. We help people hear the world by providing the most innovative technology, by dedicating ourselves to service, and by accepting responsibility for all of our actions. Our governance, risk, and compliance management further substantiate and formalize our values.

Our commitments - the "what"

The four commitments explain what we do to transform our vision into reality: we are creating value for our stakeholders by providing customer-focused solutions and expanding access to hearing care, we are doing business in a responsible manner by investing in our employees and partners, as well as by maximizing our eco-efficiency. We live up to our commitments through specific, defined fields of activity. The sustainability report is structured in terms of the commitments and provides information on the progress we made in each of these defined activities.


Our four commitments

As a leading provider of innovative hearing care solutions, Sonova aims to make a lasting positive difference for people with hearing loss and those close to them. We have therefore embraced four commitments that define how we work to enhance the quality of life. These commitments affect how we innovate, how we work every day, how we interact with our business partners and customers, how we provide opportunities for our employees, and how we encourage environmentally friendly practices.