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Career development

Sonova aims to lead the way in the global hearing care market and drive innovation on all dimensions. To build and foster the very best team, we want our talents to pursue a career without limitations. 

Our talents – and by talent we mean each and every one of our employees – are the most important drivers of success for our company.

Claudio Bartesaghi, Group Vice President Corporate HRM & Communications

Personal and professional growth

Our commitment is to be an exceptional  place to work, where employees can develop to the best of their potential, gain recognition for their individual performance, and experience both, personal and professional growth.

In order to fully leverage the potential of our people, we focus on empowering and developing our talents – enabling them to work towards a strong personal ambition and to create true impact with the work they are doing. Talent management is not just a function, it is a strategic initiative. 

Jobs all along the value chain

Being vertically integrated, Sonova can provide every job profile that the hearing care industry has to offer – but also beyond its core segment, it belongs to the most attractive employers, offering opportunities at a global scale. 

And you are in the driver seat! Everyone at Sonova is encouraged to design their future development journey by identifying the areas of interests and link them to their competencies. We enable people to move across our organizations, across businesses, functions and countries – to build strong leaders, explore new professional grounds, enable multiple perspectives in the organization and leverage the power of a diverse workforce.