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Shareholder participation rights

Sonova fully subscribes to the principle of equal treatment of all shareholders, ranging from large investment institutions to individual investors. Almost 15,000 registered shareholders receive regularly written information about the Group’s activities and performance and are personally invited to shareholder meetings. The Annual General Shareholders' Meeting (AGM) offers shareholders the opportunity to raise any questions regarding the development of the company and the events of the year under review.

Restriction on voting rights

To be recognized as a shareholder with comprehensive rights, the acquirer must place an application for entry in the share register. The registration in the share register as a shareholder with voting rights is limited to 5% of the share capital (Art. 6 par. 2 of the Articles of Association). Linked parties are considered as one person. To abolish this regulation, the absolute majority of the votes represented at the Annual General Sharholders' Meeting is sufficient.

Restriction on voting rights representation

In exercising their voting rights, no shareholder may unite, by a combination of own and represented shares together, more than 10% of the shares of the company (Art. 12 par. 2 of the Articles of Association). 

These restrictions on the voting and representation rights do not apply to the founding shareholders.